​​​​​​​​​​​Holistic Osteopathy ​& Wellness

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Co-Founders & Directors

​​We believe that achieving health is a team approach and that everyone's journey is an individual path. With our combined 30 years of experience, we enable our patients with day-to-day coping methods and skills on HOW they can achieve their best self.

Our multi-disclipanary team approaches your challenges with a "root cause" philosophy, aiming to heal the primary underlining issues. Our patient-centred approach allows you to access any therapist, of any discipline,  who will all work together for your health.

Our Philosophy

Aldo Salmini

Sandhya Jain

H.O.W We Got Here!

Aldo Salmini & Sandhya Jain have combined their practices after sharing and referring patients to one another for 10 years. They share the same philosophy but provide different perspectives,  allowing patients to expand their possibilities. Having both shared a clinical teaching position at their alma mater,  Sun & Aldo realized that they work best together, and have a gathered a team which works to bring you closer to sustainable health. Through the synergistic merger of The Healing Space & Family Focused Rehabilitation & Wellness  they hope to solve the root cause of your disease and help you maximize your potential.