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Christine Mueller

Massage Therapist

Christine Mueller obtained her BSc. In microbiology from the University of Guelph, while she realized that this was not a career for her, it sparked an interest in healthcare. Upon graduation she pursued a living with her first love, horses.

Years of training and teaching led to an interest in biomechanics, which led to her first course in equine massage. She treated horses for years improving and learning, seeing the results of massage treatment, until she decided that one day she needed to know more about massage and enrolled to return to college. It was during the very first class she realized that this was a career she wanted to dedicate her life to. 

After a few years of Swedish massage Christine learned about manual lymph drainage, the need for this technique was very great as it is a fairly rarely studied one, and she attended the Vodder school of lymphatic drainage and became a certified decongestive therapist.

Manual lymph drainage is a very light skin technique which speeds up the movement of lymph and reduces swelling, this treatment in conjunction with compression garments and wrapping is very effective treatment protocol for lymphedema.

For more information on lymphedema please see https://vodderschool.com/lymphedema