We are proud to say we have created a safe space for all clients, practitioners and staff.  With your help and understanding we will be able to continue to do so. 

We have been implementing best practice Public He
alth procedures throughout the return to practice.  Therefore, not much has changed.  We will be affirming a no exception rule to the day before covid screening to assist everyone.  If you have had some difficulty in responding to covid screening emails, please be sure to book a time, the day before your appointment, where you can verbally complete a covid screening with administrative staff. 

The day before your appointment:

The day before your appointment you will need to complete a covid screening form.  If this is not completed your appointment will be cancelled.  There are no exceptions to this during lockdown.

You may do this by responding to the office or practitioner email, or by speaking by phone with someone.

The day of your appointment:

The day of your appointment arrive at your appointment time.  Wait outside until your therapist meets you at the door.

You must wear a mask while in the facility.  The only exception is a medical exemption.

Upon entry you will:  affirm nothing has changed for your covid screening, and either wash your hands or sanitize your hands.  Boots will be removed at entry, feel free to bring a pair of indoor slippers to wear.

Your practitioner will be wearing appropriate PPE as stated by Ontario Public Health and their associations.

All contact surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected between clients.  As well at mid-day and end of day all contact surfaces will be disinfected with a medical grade disinfectant.

 Thank you for working together so we may continue to assist people in creating and maintaining their health.  We are honored to be serving you and serving our community.

As a reminder, if you have any questions, you may forward them to your practitioner, or to

Thank you for your attention to this.

​​​​​​​​​​​Holistic Osteopathy ​& Wellness