Sandi Loytomaki, M.OMSc
Osteopathic Manual Practitioner 
Master NLP Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
Indigenous & Integrative Medicine Practitioner, Medical Intuitive

Sandi arrives with over 30 years of experience in studying, training and restoring balance in the human body and fullness of the human being.

As an Indigenous Medicine Practitioner, medicine, for her, refers to anything that maintains, sustains and creates balance. She lives and practices the ways of her Ancestors, and has trained with Elders from many different cultures and nations throughout the world. As an Integrative Medicine Practitioner, she has trained and believes all forms of medicine (allopathic, Indigenous/traditional, complementary) have an important place in the world to assist people with vital health. In practice she serves people in personal development (achieving their full potential) and in restoring balance (healing journeys to restore vitality and health). She serves people of all ages along with all cultures and traditions. Every journey with a client is uniquely and specifically designed to their individual needs, abilities and capacity. She believes in educating and empowering her clients in themselves, their self-advocacy and their life journey.

Sandi's training is quite diverse spanning western didactic scientific learning and Indigenous experiential form. At the young age of 18, being a national level athlete, Sandi was a fully trained athletic therapist. Her university degree is a Jt Honors BSc in Kinesiology/Psychology specializing in how the brain influences behavior/thought/action (now referred to in terms of Neuropsychology or Neurobehavioral studies). Her final two years of study were spent completing graduate level courses as independent studies for undergraduate accreditation.

Sandi also has a Certificate in Traditional and Energy Medicine from the Center for Traditional Medicine/Center for World Indigenous Studies, where she further developed and refined her skills in Indigenous and Integrative Medicine. With the CTM she studied and taught in Canada, the United States and Mexico. Born in Northern Ontario, she is of Sami (through Finnish territory) and Italian heritage. She is a ‘Child of the Earth’ having DNA of all colors of people that populate the Earth, and many traditions from many continents. One of her favorite passions is to deconstruct the colonial language of ‘shamanism’ and construct a worldview of all Indigenous peoples. Sandi has studied with, and taught Channeling & Intuition and Medical Intuition with InnerAccess101. She has also trained in many energy medicine/complementary modalities - sometimes for her personal training, and sometimes for learning how people she was mentoring were taught, in order to better serve their needs. Sandi is a certified Colon Hydro therapist, currently operating in Toronto. She is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher serving primarily individual therapeutic needs, integrating the teachings into workshops, talks and retreats and looking forward to resume group classes in the future. Sandi recently graduated in Osteopathic Manual Therapy, MOMSc, with the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy. She is also a NLP Master Practitioner (with Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy training). She is constantly studying the human body, the human being and integrating new knowledge into how she lives her life and how she serves her community.

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