​​​​​​​​​​​Holistic Osteopathy ​& Wellness


"My wife and I, with our aging bones and muscles, have been using the services of this clinic for about two years and it has been very helpful.  The Osteopaths we have dealt with have been very helpful keeping us mobile and limber.  For the last year, we have been helped by the excellent Pen Smith who is an extremely effective and caring therapist.  During this pandemic, and I hope someday soon I no longer have to add these words, they have been extremely careful and they have provided a safe and clean environment." -

  •  Alex Bilsland

"I have been suffering from back pain since last 3-4 months. I had seen many doctors, physiotherapist and had x-rays done, etc . But no one found an issue. I went to Holistic Osteopathy & wellness and am happy to say that in one visit I'm 75% fixed.  Aldo who treated me, had mentioned that I will not need more than 2 visits and so far it's coming true. I highly recommend this place."

  • Anju Chandan

"I have been going here for the past few months and every time Sandhya treats me I feel a big difference. I love how she looks at the whole picture instead of just the part that hurts so she actually correct the problem not just puts a bandaid on it. Would recommend anyone to try her out."

  • Jenna Van Beek

"Osteopathy was recommended to help address my daughter's ongoing stomach issues due to anxiety. Sandhya's treatment resulted in a significant decrease in both her physical and emotional symptoms. We're so grateful to have found Sandhya and appreciate her warm and caring approach."

  • Liz Saunders

"I have been going to this clinic over the past 4 months and had great results!
Awesome environment and amazing practitioners. I would definitely recommend this location if you are in need of seeing an osteopath."

  • Natasha R