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"I have been suffering from back pain since last 3-4 months. I had seen many doctors, physiotherapist and had x-rays done, etc . But no one found an issue. I went to Holistic Osteopathy & wellness and am happy to say that in one visit I'm 75% fixed.  Aldo who treated me, had mentioned that I will not need more than 2 visits and so far it's coming true. I highly recommend this place."

  • Anju Chandan

"I have been going here for the past few months and every time Sandhya treats me I feel a big difference. I love how she looks at the whole picture instead of just the part that hurts so she actually correct the problem not just puts a bandaid on it. Would recommend anyone to try her out."

  • Jenna Van Beek

"Osteopathy was recommended to help address my daughter's ongoing stomach issues due to anxiety. Sandhya's treatment resulted in a significant decrease in both her physical and emotional symptoms. We're so grateful to have found Sandhya and appreciate her warm and caring approach."

  • Liz Saunders

"I have been going to this clinic over the past 4 months and had great results!
Awesome environment and amazing practitioners. I would definitely recommend this location if you are in need of seeing an osteopath."

  • Natasha R