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Anthroposophic Psychology Practitioner and Coach
Spiritually Integrated Guidance

Life Coaching is true psychological and spiritually integrated counseling that explores your inner world. It is an adventure of self discovery, finding out about how and why you think, act and feel the way you do, observing history and uncovering patterns about what is and isn’t serving well, aiding you in transforming these into healthier responses to the world and your relationships to find inner harmony and balance again.My practice focuses on holistic wellbeing integrated with spiritual care and the best of psychotherapeutic approaches available to us that aid in integrating the whole self: Mind, Body, Spirit or Heart. I use a variety of tools that support your journey, which include: artistic colour exercises, movement, imagery, visualization, working with archetypes, written work, sound, along with deep listening and empathic resonance skills finding the greater and grander purpose behind challenges that serve as a catalyst for change and growth.

I am a certified Anthroposophic Psychology (AAP) Practitioner and Coach, artist and Anthroposophic art therapy counselor, while also being a student of Islamic and Perennial Sacred Psychology anchored in spiritual traditions. Currently an AAP Intern and student at Cambridge Muslim College in the Islamic Psychology Diploma Program.

Please note that Fozia is not covered by standard insurance plans as a Psychologist or a Psychotherapist. 



For more information on how to purchase Fozia's artwork please contact the clinic (905) 338-2294 or email

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