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I am a birth keeper and doula supporting the birthing couple through breathing, thoughts and visual suggestions. I am support for the mother and can also guide your partner on how to offer you the best support (both emotionally and physically).


I like to get together for a meet and greet. After which I offer:

  • 2 pre-natal meetings (here we discuss what the plans are for the birth, the location of the birth and where I can assist)

  • Rental of tens machine

  • Staying with you from early labour 

  • 1 post-partum meeting (here we can discuss breastfeeding solutions, tips and if needed I can refer out to other supports)

  • I introduce a back up Doula in at least one meeting


At 37 weeks I am on call for you. If you need any support (over the phone or in person), I am here for you. I would be honoured to be a part of your birthing journey.

Melody K.

Thank you Abi!

I must say that I wasn't exactly sure what to expect but I am so grateful for having benefited from your services. There was a tangible sense of confidence and strength I obtained from your presence throughout this journey, both leading up to and the day of labour.

You empowered me with knowledge when making difficult decisions and supported my ability to trust in myself and mother nature in the weeks leading up to birth, which alleviated much stress. 

The night I went into labour, knowing that I had someone with me who was experienced was a game changer. With my first child I recall the overwhelming uncertainty I experienced up until I could connect with my midwives. You provided me with the freedom to stay calm, in the moment and focused on my body while overseeing the details of what positions may benefit me, what was happening, the timing of my contractions and when to call the midwives. Your ability to recognise the stages and transitions of labour, and communicate this to me allowed me to feel a sense of accomplishment and progress which was inexplicably comforting to me.You were there to offer me suggestions (whether or not I accepted them) and options that I would not have considered at the moment otherwise. Your encouragement and praise throughout kept me feeling positive and capable so that I could maintain the best possible mindset and for this all, I am so grateful. I should add that the counter pressure techniques provided helped A LOT!!

Thanks for your assurance even when I wasn't really sure if I was going into labour yet. You came regardless (and it was a good thing too)!

Words can not express my gratitude, thanks for helping me achieve my dream birth!

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