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Traditional Chinese Medicine


Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncturist

Jason Knight became interested in alternative forms of medicine over 20 years ago. He has since dedicated his career to the full-time practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, and Shiatsu Therapy. He received his diploma for Shiatsu Therapy from the Shiatsu School Of Canada in 2002. In the same year, he obtained his designation of Certified Shiatsu Therapist (CST) with the Shiatsu Therapy Association (STAO) of Ontario. He received his Diploma of Acupuncture in 2014 from AIM Academy, and was licensed through the CTCMPAO as R.Ac (Registered Acupuncturist) in 2014. Jason has graduated from the OCTCM's Herbal Medicine Program, receiving his Diploma of TCMP (Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner), Aug 1, 2019.

His treatments are suitable for people of all ages. With compassion, care, and kindness, Jason focuses on providing gentle and comfortable acupuncture and shiatsu treatments. The versatility of his skills can help with most health issues, and he is currently focussing on treating chronic pain, shoulder/back/knee problems, sports injuries, pregnancy issues, fertility, insomnia, menstrual issues, headaches, and stress.

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